April Fool’s 2013 – Sitcoms Is Magic

Originally released April 1, 2013.

Oh no! The princess is having a dance tomorrow, but Twilight Sparkle doesn’t know anything about dancing! What kind of wacky shenanigans will she try in order to learn? Find out in Equestria’s new favorite sitcom, Camaraderie is Supernatural!


Written by GameBuddy & CyberLink
Filmed and edited by GameBuddy & Zoe

Mystic Pyro Freak as Twilight, Applejack
Rock The Jake as Spike
GameBuddy as Big Macintosh, Rainbow Dash
EileMonty as Apple Bloom
HieiFireShadow as Rarity
Cosmic_Eternity as Fluttershy
Colonel Cheru as Sweetie Belle
Kage-Ichihashi as Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie
Revy Moonshine as Celestia
Faulerro as The Narrator

“Pony Sitcom Theme” by Rock the Jake

Special thanks to Super Psyguy, SerenaMidori, BenSwa88

EBS logo by KefkaFloyd  (used with permission)
Derpy SMEEL (Extended Remix) by ArticJuniper (used with permission)
VFX samples by FootageIsland

Gerjet Joris Betker as Super Special Best Pony Friend to Kiki

Comrades in F – Episode 2

Originally recorded February 2, 2013.

Back with a vengeance! This time, the crew is joined by the one and only Faulerro as they discuss Camaraderie’s big move, tease secret video projects, debate about Sonic the Hedgehog comics, and call out anyone foolish enough to challenge them, plus much more!


Housewarming Party

Welcome to the new home of Camaraderie is Supernatural! Because, you know, at our old home, our parents pulled the whole “My house, my rules!” ultimatum, and we were like “You can’t control me!”, and harsh words were exchanged, and somebody got cut real bad, and they kicked us out, but that’s okay because they were dumb anyway.

So here’s the scoop: All episodes from here on out will be hosted on Blip.tv and posted here shortly after they’re uploaded. This way, we can continue to keep CiS online without having to worry about getting flagged by YouTube’s ContentID bots. We’ll also post brief trailers on YouTube to notify subscribers when new episodes become available.

In addition, we’ll also be using this site to notify users of stuff like new podcast episodes, behind-the-scenes updates, and upcoming convention appearances, so make sure you subscribe to our update feed so you don’t miss anything!

On that note, HUGE thanks go out to Psyguy, both for hosting our new website and for giving us a place to upload our episodes! Couldn’t have done this without you, man.

So settle in, everybody, because Camaraderie is Supernatural is back in business!

- CyberLink

Episode 03 – Call of the Creepy

Originally released September 30, 2012.

Tired of being ostracized by pony society, Apple Bloom seeks to be rid of her repulsive cutie mark once and for all. Of course, in a place like Ponyville, this is much easier said than done.

Created by CyberLink & GameBuddy
Written by CyberLink
Edited by CyberLink
Additional Animation by Broken-Wavelength, CyberLink, and Gust
Additional Artwork by GameBuddy

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Rina-Chan as Cheerilee
  • Lady Nanaki as Diamond Tiara
  • HieiFireShadow as Silver Spoon
  • EileMonty as Apple Bloom
  • Mystic Pyro Freak as Applejack, Twilight Sparkle
  • Faulerro as Doctor Whoof
  • GameBuddy as Rainbow Dash
  • Kage-Ichihashi as Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo
  • CyberLink as Demons
  • Gust as Demons
  • ColonelCheru as Sweetie Belle
  • Revy Moonshine as Princess Celestia

April Fool’s 2012 – Pinkie’s Joyride

Originally released April 1, 2012.

After coming to the conclusion that Camaraderie is Supernatural wasn’t doing well with My Little Pony’s target demographic of young girls, we decided to let GameBuddy’s 8-year-old sister direct an episode to better understand what she and her peers were looking for.

Take notes, Hasbro.

Music: “Banana Splits (Kick-Ass version)” by The Dickies
Derpy vector: http://fav.me/d4n5oig
Explosion: http://youtu.be/ygrJqH4Gp7A

Episode 02.5 – Guess Who?

Originally released November 6, 2011.

A new face joins Camaraderie is Supernatural, one whose very presence means big changes for all of CiS! Fortunately for him, time is on his side…

Created by CyberLink & GameBuddy
Written by CyberLink
Edited by CyberLink
Additional Animation by Boz
Additional Artwork by GameBuddy and Psyguy
Introduction Animation by Gust198
Introduction Music by RockTheJake

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Faulerro as Narrator
  • Kage-Ichihashi as Pinkie Pie